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Styling A Wig Or Hairpiece

Store your wig away from heat and light, somewhere cool and dry is great! A hairpiece can be clipped onto a hanger and stored in your closet safely. A wig should ideally be placed on a wig stand… They allow the hair to dry and breath, whereas a solid head promotes the growth of icky germs inside the cap and can stretch the base.

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How To Wash A Wig

When it comes to cleaning a wig, it really depends on how often you wear it and the environment in which it is being used. Hot dry weather will make the hair lose its lovely new sheen quickly, but so will cold dry weather. If you have your own hair, its important to keep your own hair clean under the wig to prevent germs. If your hair feels like it should be cleaned, then you should clean it… But anywhere between 6 and 12 wears is definitely fine. Unless your hair is really dirty, you shouldn't have to clean it each and every time!

Firstly, brush your hair with a wire brush with straight tips (no balls on the end) to remove any snags and tangles. Start at the tips and work your way up, that way if there are knots they will be removed quickly and easily. Using a revitalizing mist helps this process. Curly wigs should be gently picked with a wide toothed comb.

Fill a sink or basin with warm water, and squirt in a teaspoon of Wig Shampoo. Regular shampoo isn't the same as wig shampoo and can leave residue on the hair, we recommend our shampoo found in our store as it makes your hair feel absolutely sensational! It contains silicones and aloe vera to soften and protect the hair. Swish water around to mix in the shampoo and then turn your wig inside out and place into the water.

Be gentle with your wig, and let the water filter through the hair… Gently agitate from side to side, swishing it about slowly to make sure the shampoo gets all the way through the hair. Let the hair soak for a couple of minutes and then rinse in cool clean water until all the shampoo is gone.

Squeeze excess water from the wig carefully and apply a little conditioner if required, then rinse it out. If you don't need the added shine from conditioner, just squeeze out the excess water. If your wig is curly, we suggest squeezing out water around the curls with your hands to help set it. Gently blot the hair with a dry towel to help absorb the water… Don't rub and scrub away at it like your own hair. Let the hair dry, hanging up and DO NOT BRUSH WHEN WET. Allow it to dry and it should reset itself back into its original style. Allow to dry somewhere with a breeze that is nice and open, but out of direct sunlight. Once it's completely dry, give it a shake and style!!

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Cutting & Styling Wigs

Always use a wig brush when you style your wigs! A normal brush can damage the fibres of the hair by pulling on it etc. We recommend using a revitalizing mist inbetween washes to keep it looking good as new, but for styling we recommend a spray made especially foe wigs, or a wig mouse! Many styles don't need much, but if you need to use products make sure they are just for wigs! We have a care kit in our Ebay store to make sure you can take care of your hair as easily as possible. A revitalizing mist is great on the lengths of longer straight wigs, as it helps prevent tangles. For height and fuller styles, use a wig spray and lightly style with a wide toothed brush.

When you buy a new wig, it might not be a perfect style for your face. We recommend taking your piece into a stylist and having the piece trimmed and styled into a piece that suits you perfectly. Many wigs come out of the box looking great, but for a perfect match a little extra work can make a world of difference. Thinning out the hair on the sides or front can give it a sleeker look and the more realistic it looks!

With a curly style and wavy wig, make sure you never brush it! The curls will fluff up and you will end up with hair like a poodle left out in the rain… It's not a good look! Style the curls with your fingers after misting with a little mousse to help the curls join together, and use a long wide toothed comb to pick at the roots and give it the height you need.

Straight wigs are extremely easy to look after, just work from the ends to the tips and use a revitalizing mist to keep it sleek and silky. After wearing your piece, make sure you give it a quick detangle, especially with longer styles where it can brush against your shoulders and back.

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Can I Straighten Or Curl My Wig?

Unless your hair is made of human hair, we don't recommend straightening or curling it! Using heat on synthetic hair can damage it, and it's impossible to repair. When looking for a suitable style, make sure you buy one as close to what you are looking for.

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Can I Dye My Wig?

Human hair wigs can be colored, but we suggest buying the tone closest to what you are looking for. Unlike your own natural hair, a wig isn't going to grow back, so if you cut it too short or color it too much the hair can be damaged and break off. Some buyers use a dispersion dye on their wig to change the tone, but we recommend just buying the color you need. If you don't see what you are looking for, please email us and we will be more than happy to help you find what you are looking for!

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Benefits Of Synthetic Hair

Synthetic hair looks and feels incredibly real! Once upon a time it was a thin cheap plastic looking material, but advances in modern technology mean that synthetic hair can look and feel as good as, or even BETTER than human hair! Synthetic Hair also holds its style better in humid and warm weather, and doesn't absorb smells etc as easy. If you are new to wigs, we recommend a synthetic wig set into the style you are looking for!

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Benefits Of Human Hair

Human hair is more natural, and can be heated, colored, styles, curled and straightened. It does lose its shape over a day and can be damaged, but when you are looking for styling versatility this is definitely the way to go! The hair quality depends on the price, but generally the hair has been well treated and looks fantastic! We recommend taking a human hair wig to a stylist or hairdresser for the best results. Human hair wigs don't have the same oils and nutrients that your own hair would have, and over time it will lose its sheen and healthiness. In hot weather, the style can also frizz up etc, so taking care of it is extremely important!

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How Long Will My Wig Last?

Wigs can last for quite a long time if looked after properly. Different wigs are produced for different uses, and therefore should be treated accordingly. Very cheap costume wigs are made for fun, and aren't supposed to last forever. They aren't worn that often generally so you should get great usage out them!

Generally we suggest getting a new wig every 2 to 3 months if you wear it often or every day. The hair slowly starts to lose its natural healthy shine if you don't treat it with kindness and gentle care.

Some wigs are just better made, and last a lot longer, so consider the requirements for your new hair before you purchase! If you need know something, please do ask us. It's no trouble at all for us to get back to you with answers to anything you would like to know, and we want you to be as comfortable purchasing your hair as possible! Our designer wigs generally last longer as they are produced from top quality fibres, but even our regular pieces are made of top level kanekalon and last for quite some time!

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